Howard Darby

Sorry, but due to no longer living in North America I'm not available for performing my trick shooting show.

Please visit Fast Draw 101 with Howard Darby to view my instructional videos on the sport of Fast Draw, or enjoy the videos below of my Fast Draw, Gun Spinning, and Trick Shooting background.

Fast Draw 101 with Howard Darby

Click here to watch the full episode of Sport Science with Howard shooting off against NFL quarterback, Trent Edwards

While in Japan competing in Fast Draw, I was invited to have a gun spinning dual with Teff Kenichi Yoshida, one of the motion capture artists for the Revolver Ocelot character in the Metal Gear Solid video game.

Interview with trick shooting, Fast Draw & gun spinning:

Warning! These tricks are performed using full-powder blanks to break balloons, and Howard is a highly trained trick shooter taking many safety precautions. Blanks can be extremely dangerous. Please do not try these tricks yourself.