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Ryan Trying Fast Draw

Ryan My son, Ryan, has been very interested in shooting Fast Draw for a number of years. He's practiced by dry firing an empty gun at home, learning how to safely handle the gun and shoot Fast Draw.

In May of 2007, just after he turned seven, he attended a practice session with me and was able to try it for real. He's shooting wax bullets with shotshell primers from a Ruger Blackhawk using the fanning method.

As you can see in the video below, he managed two shots of .560 and a recovery shot. Not bad for your first time, especially for a seven year-old.

Note: From the camera angle used in the video clip below it's hard to see, but after the timer operator gives the command there is a 2-5 second random delay before the light on the target comes on to signal the shooter to draw and fire.

click to view Ryan trying Fast Draw for the first time

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