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Gun Spinning World Champion

Howard Spinning in Reno - 1997 Howard began his gun spinning career at the age of seventeen when he purchased a replica Colt Peacemaker. Since the gun was unable to fire, Howard decided to learn how to spin it, often spinning for hours at a time. At the age of nineteen Howard discovered the sport of Fast Draw and purchased a real Single-Action revolver. With this second gun, Howard was able to perform two-gun routines.

Howard Spinning in Reno - 1990 Gun spinning competitions took place on a regular basis up to the late 1970's, but the sport became inactive until the International Gun Spinning Championship was held at the Sands Hotel in Reno, Nevada in 1990. This contest attracted competitors from the USA, Canada and Japan, and was Howard's first competition... and first win. The picture at right shows Howard during his routine at that contest.

In 1991 the first World Gunspinning Championship was held in Deadwood, South Dakota, which Howard won. Deadwood then became the annual host of the world championships, with Howard winning a string of six world titles... more than has been won by any other gun spinner.

Entertaining at the Calgary Stampede

Howard has performed his gun spinning and fancy gun handling routine throughout North America, including many times at the famed Calgary Stampede. The picture above was taken at "Rope Square" in Calgary, which attracts thousands of spectators to watch the daily western entertainment during the Stampede.

While in
Japan competing in Fast Draw, Howard had a gun spinning dual with Teff Kenichi Yoshida, one of the motion capture artists for the Revolver Ocelot character in the Metal Gear Solid video game.

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